I am a Sydney girl uprooted from Kerala. Being born as an Arian , I am loaded with eccentricities. Living in Australia taught me a lot of life lessons. One of the main discoveries I made is that...a hobby is very important for mental peace and satisfaction. 

Quite often , in the chaos of parenthood and careers, the most important person we forget is our own inner child and the little things that made us smile with innocence

We human beings have an extra ordinary talent to make life complicated. Through the media and external environment we come to believe a sky rocket career and a 4 week long vacation are the answers for a fulfilling life. Most often the answers for happiness are right in front of you. Putting aside a few minutes everyday to do something you LOVE is enough to make life worth living again and again. Live each day as if it is your last!! 

This is a feel good space where I write about the daily beauties of life!!!


I am an Electronics Engineer by profession. Cochin university gave me my first degree in Engineering followed by  RMIT (Melbourne) and UNSW (Sydney).

I adore art and find solace in expressing my feelings through writing, painting and photography.

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