March 21, 2017


Some movies touch your heart. Ustad hotel was one of them . The two things for which I cherish this movie is the depiction of a beautiful relation between a grandfather and a grandson as well Kerala's own Sulaimani (black tea).


When I think of this beautiful movie, I am transported back to the late 80s when Achacha was hale and hearty.We were best mates and partners in crime.Achacha was diagnosed with Diabetes in his 30s, so sugar was an absolute no no. Ammama was very strict with him, so tea was sugarless, lime juice was seasoned with salt to his disgust. Poor Achacha.


But the naughty boy in him had not completely disappeared.Everyday after school we had some regular joints to visit. Peters Bakery in Convent road, Hot breads and Prabus in Broadway. We devoured in the jap cakes, Cadburys and his favorite drink Limca. Our driver Surendran chettan was also a important member of our 3 member gang. When we came home, we pretended nothing ever happened.



Achacha passed away on April 24, 1993. Ammama and I found his departure the hardest. After a couple of months , she was cleaning his office room drawer. In one of the drawers, she found Gems, 5 stars, palli mittai, all stashed away safely. I miss you so much when I write this post :(


Something I teach my children : Enjoy the person as much as you can when he is never know tomorrow...:( :(Presenting Sulaimanis- favoured with cinnamon and mint



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