Fried Rice and Music classes

April 4, 2017


We Kerala people have some very strange habits. After a good meal in the afternoon we get incredibly tired and in fact lethargic from 2pm to 5 pm...almost 90% of us....


Amma as any Indian mum believed that her children were a treasure chest of talents and creative juices. So we were sent for dance classes, carnatic music classes...sports camps and what not.From a tender age itself, mum came to terms that I was not the next Lata Mangeshkar, but Sanjan showed strong aptitude for the entertainment industry. She could sing, dance and mimic well🤓🤓🤓....So she was not spared from any of the classes..


As it happened, this carnatic music class always happened at 3 :30 pm when you are attacked by the slumber God😴😴.


At this moment I am in my dining room in Kerala in a hot summer afternoon . I was in year 9 and Sanjan in year 3. After tucking in a yum meal of Fried rice and chicken😋😋, everyone retired to bed except Sanjan. There was a music class scheduled for Sanjan that afternoon, but she had other plans.


Those days, the mobile phone was still in the discovery phase, but the black matchbox called the Pager had arrived. Her teacher Rajaram Sir possessed one as well. Sanjan paged the Pager Service lady " Innu class venda" ( No class today")...


She promptly told Amma there was no class and could she go and play with her cousins?

But Alas!!The sir came like in a wind suddenly, He received the message " Ini Classe vende!!!!!" (No more classes ever again )


Sanjan's leg is pulled even today on the pretext of this pager incident😝😝.

It is always the everyday moments in life which make life extra ordinary.


As our dearest president APJ said " It is not the getting the best mark that counts , but the pranks we did in the last bench makes life rosy,joyful and reminiscent".



Presenting a Lao inspired Pineapple fried rice.


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