Dosas and train journeys

March 29, 2017


Sanjan and I have inherited love for train journey from Amma. More than Train journeys, it is the food served during train journey.


Everyone remembers Amma who had her "Vada chiri" ( Display of a special smile on the sight of train vadas- South Indian Fritters ) whilst pregnant with me. Sanjan and I inherited the special smile seeing any food on train.


At this moment I am in the year 1993 when we were visiting Leela Ammama and Achacha who were living in Attingal (Trivandrum district, South Kerala).


We took the 16:15 Venad Express from Ernakulam South. Our cousin Nisha also accompanied us. As the train slowly rolled out of Ernakulam the goodies started coming in. The vadas came in first. Amma had her "Vada Chiri " plastered on her face and she would nudge. I would call out "Chetta, randu Vada" (Two vadas please). Out would come two vadas laden with yum coconut chutney.


Next the cutlets and Pazham poris would arrive. Then the steaming "Nes Coffee" to drown down all that food.By then the vendor who was in a hurry would purposely brake in front of our seat asking whether we wanted something else.

It was in this trip while we were going to the 'washroom", who did we see? Actress Parvati Jayaram, heavily pregnant with Actor Kalidasan.



We were such die-hard fans of Jayaram those days. We had to get an autograph. Out came the autograph book. We were trembling with excitement. The frequency of the trips to the toilet increased, just to get a glimpse of Parvati.


In the end we gathered the courage and got the autograph signed off "best regards. Aswathy Jayaram"


The last goody which was the star of the trip was Thick spongy dosas drizzled with coconut chutney. By then the vendor who was in a hurry would wake us from the sleep :) Even he came in terms with our intense love for Venad express train food :)


Presenting the Spongy Trivandrum dosas, Chammandi and Nescoffee from my kitchen


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