Mookkammama and Meen curry

April 8, 2017

When I think about Meen curry, it is always love that comes to my mind .
The 90 year little story I would like to share with you at this instance is about my great grand aunt Mookaammama (Nose granny if you would like to know its translation) and her husband
Now you may wonder why of all names Mookkammama :)


My children, my nephew and I posses the nose of a teddy bear . In broader terms a button nose. All of us inherited this nose from my dad. But those of you who know him will disagree vehemently as Dad has the biggest nose in his generation.


Dad as the rest of his jingbang clan was born with the button nose. But this Ammama was determined to make his nose larger ..she pulled..she pulled and she pulled...Dad lovingly renamed as Mookkammama ..


Anyways this Mookkammama was married off at the tender age of 11. As always , she was gifted a challenging mother in law , who made sure she did all the work in the house. She was not given much food either. Many a time she would go hungry. To curb her hunger she would go and drink the pazhamkanji vellam (old rice water) reserved for the cows.

As per the traditional Ezhava custom, the men ate the food on the dining table in the first round. The women ate on the kitchen floor from the same plate their husband ate from subsequently.

Mookkammama's mother in-law would just serve her small servings of rice and fish gravy on the plate her son ate from. But there was a sweet little secret between she and her husband. He would forego his share of fish and hide it in the rice for her to have. Such was the love between she and her husband.


It is the stories of our forefathers that built a connection between us and them. It is these little incidents which instil a deep sense of belongings and explanation for little weirdness-es we are born with.


Presenting a Mamak style Malaysian Meen Curry.

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