Rasams and Rainy days

March 25, 2017

It has been raining cats and dogs in Sydney lately.

Rasam (Tomato soup tempered with Spices) to me is a comforting soup to sip and enjoy a cold rainy evening ..A Malayalam movie on the side....even better😄😄.


When I think of rainy season, it is always the June in Kerala. Smell of rain and taste of mangoes. with the trees dancing to the wind accompanying the rains..Just divine.😊😊


Rewind back to more than two decades ago. It so happened Monday mornings in June meant a cold dark rainy morning where snuggling under the sheets , hugging a pillow tight and having the fan in full blast...That was the definition of heaven to me and Sanjan😊..until the fan was switched off and tubelights turned on..😬😬..


As my cousin Megha put it " the fan is every Indian mother's weapon" 😈😈😈 ....lols

I dont know..but it so happened Monday to Friday..it always rained and weekends no rain😞.

To excite Sanjan from her beauty sleep mum will start off " Eda your picnic is today"😂 .(Technically this picnic could be atleast 3-4 months away)


Some of my relatives were more notorious in awakening the kids.


Besides switching on the brightest lights, there was jumping on the bed, horrible singing, prabashanams (boring lectures), turning on Akashavani (Indian FM Radio news at 6:45am ) to Ratna Bai's bored voice😨 to name a few.


But the worst was our Raju Ammama's awakening method. During the winter mornings in Mumbai, she used to place ice cubes on her son's feet 😲😲



Presenting the comforting soup of Kerala- Tomato rasam


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