Upma and Indian Mothers

March 27, 2017

Upma is one of the breakfast dishes which has successfully turned up a lot of noses and is ranked as one of the least respected dishes in Kerala 😳😳.


In the past few years living away from home, I have begun to actually like Upma.


Indian mothers especially mums of my mothers generation displayed their love through food😋 mostly and words 😞 rarely.


I have heard many a mother cribbing that their children were thankless and never grateful....Can you blame the children fully for that? In fact children are a mirror image of their parents to a big extend.


Mum only kissed me when she thought I was sleeping..So technically I had to pretend I was sleeping if I wanted to her to kiss me😝.


Some of my friends and I decided to change the trend of communication with mums.

So one day I sent a message to mum "I love you". Mum got flabbergasted and replied "Aalu maari poyo😝😝 ?"( Did you sent to the wrong person?)


Another friend's mother immediately called her back asking what mischief she has been upto or was she ill or something?

Expressing in words is an eternal way of making life more memorable... more gratifying....more satisfying...❤❤❤


Complimenting or expressing gratitude is life's greatest way of bringing a smile that reaches your eyes....swell your heart with pride and feel life was worth living after all..😍




Presenting the most taken for granted breakfast of Kerala-
Upma (Steamed semolina Sauteed with vegetables)

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