Vestal Videos and Puffs

April 5, 2017

When I think of puffs, it is always the snack that awaited us when Sanjan and I were back from school. More than puff, it was the pastry which delighted me, buttery...salty...flaky.

When I think of naalu mani (Afternoon times), especially on a Friday, it was the day Sanjan and I were particularly excited. Because this was the day we had permission to make our weekly visit to Vestal Video, Palarivattom.


Till the late nineties, unless you were a visitor to the local cinemas, to watch your movie, you had to wait a year for the movie to come to the local video library or wait 2 years for the malayalam movie to be aired on DD.


As soon as Sanjan and I landed home, we would dump our bags, swallow down our puffs and gulp down the lime juice. We were in the biggest hurry to get to Vestal video.


One such Friday in 1992, we landed there to chase our much awaited favorite Heroine Baby Shamili thriller Kilukkampetti. As we got there as always, the guy there would greet little Sanjan (who was in Kindy) " Alla ithaaru,kochu doctoro "( Hello Baby doctor) .


Sanjan and I would implore him whether our thriller arrived.


The guy shook his head , but smiled at us secretively and said " Kalla print Amaram Vannittundu" ( Illegal print of the tragic drama Amaram has arrived). Akattu pona cesa!!! (This could potentially be a police case and possibly an arrest as well)


If it was a normal print, we would have never bothered. But since a mischief involved, we were thrilled at the event than the movie itself.


Upon reaching home, we ran and told Amma . The next morning we got up early to watch this dragger. Curtains closed, lights off and movie in ultra low volume lest some one give us away.
Each time the door bell rang, we paused the movie , and switched on Doordarshan.

In this pretext of checking whether we will be caught by police, we actually forgot to complete the movie itself.


These are little anecdotes only our generation would understand like the missed calls, like telephone the VCR....


Presenting a Kerala bakery favourite " Chicken puffs"




Presenting a Kerala bakery favourite " Chicken puffs"

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