Kebabs, Abi and Family days

April 19, 2017

Chapli kebabs- these tender juicy morsels of chicken dipped in a coriander chutney-  an absolute delight to the palette explosion of flavours..a treat to the soul...biting into this can take you to seventh heaven...


Describing this way itself can enliven a  telephone conversation with Amma 1000s of miles away...both of us drooling away...such a simple delightful topic...


Till I arrived in Oz my food world was on the narrow side. I strongly believed that there were only 3 cuisines in the world- North indian, south Indian and Chinese. North indian food equalled to Tandoor in Warriam road. North Indian cuisine to me was Butter chicken, Naan and a bhangikku sidil oru  (a side dish to make your day) Tandoori Chicken.


In our home, birthdays come in two batches. Ammama, Achan and I share a birthday in the early part of the year whilst Sanjan, Amma and Gee have theirs towards the end. So twice a year  Achan would take us somewhere special .


The year I was turning 22, my cousin Abi came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. He was a single child while Sanjan and I didnt have any brothers. So there was an instant bonding between Amma, us and Abi.


The first set of birthdays came around. Achan decided to take the whole clan to Trident in Wellington Island. As many people, I was always under the assumption, the bigger the hotel, better the food.


Upon our arrival, we ordered Chicken tikka for starters. Chicken tikka to me is red, tangy and a burst of flavours. But the tikka we were served was far from any of our expectations. Yellow, flavourless piece of rubber. Not much conversation took place.


Abi was sitting there silently looking around. I asked him "Not eating the tikkas?" He replied " Nah..not my taste". I said " it is 800 bucks per plate. to which he replied without batting an eyelid " where is water?" He quickly swallowed the rubbery tikkas like a bitter medicine.


Even today, whenever we speak, I dont hang up without teasing him


Presenting  Pakistan's own Chapli kebabs with minty Chutney





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