Erachi Varattiyathu and Friday rituals

April 26, 2017



On this day 65 years ago, Achacha and Ammama were to be married. To an outsider, this was a union of 2 mismatched souls.


Ammama was a city bred girl who had recently graduated with a BSc in maths, from a very affluent family. Achacha on the other hand was the sole earner of a joint family in rural Trissur. He just had a 10 Std certificate and recently lost his job from the Gulf as well to make things worse


In Achacha 's house in those days, there was no electricity or bathrooms. This little glitch itself was the foundation to their love story. Achacha built the first bathroom in Kaipamangalam and had employed 2 people to fill the water tank and...he won Ammama's heart.


Ammama had her two little children and she emigrated to Kuwait. Ammama loved Hindi movies while Achacha didn't really enjoy them. On the other hand Achacha loved meats and Ammama preferred to be a veggie.


But they enjoyed a ritual together. Every Friday they would cook a Lamb together and then go for a Hindi Movie. The usher had a seat reserved for them called the "Velunny Seat".


As every couple, they were presented with hurdles which can shake a relation.


In the 60s , Ammama's family ran into an unavoidable financial crisis. The bank had frozen all their assets and soon was going to be thrown on to the street. Achacha bought out her house and saved her family honour.


Achacha was the first man from his village to be employed in the gulf. He took his entire clan to the Kuwait in the 30 years he was there. When each of his nephews married, till they found a place of their own, all stayed with Ammama as her own children.


On their 20th Anniversary, Achacha surprised Ammama with a Europe trip . A couple of years later down the lane, they returned to India. Achacha started to experience health issues. So they were always in some Ayurveda hospital. The hospitals those days were residential and the facilities were on the primitive side. But they were always smiling and the child me always thought they were on an exotic vacation.


Achacha and Ammama proved effortlessly love can diminish every problem. They were best friends and put each other in their top list. They were truly a couple that lived ahead their times.


Even after Achacha's departure, if I tease her about "her Unniyettan" she blushes like a teenage girl.


When I was leaving home after marriage she held my hand and told me " Be a good cook. There is no problem a good meal can solve. Enjoy every day together"


Presenting Ammama's Friday ritual Erachi Varattiyathu and a beautiful photo from their Europe days.




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