Jams and family heirlooms

April 12, 2017


When I think of Ammama, the foods I associate with her are Jams, Biryanis and Mutton Varattiyathu.


Achacha and Ammama were heads over heel in love with each other throughout the 41 years they were together. Ammama was an exceptional cook always collecting recipes. Achacha and her children? Her biggest fans.


After Achacha passed away, Ammama began to meticulously dispose all his belongings except the Recipe book.


She had stashed this away in her safe with her precious belongings. Once in a while she will lend it to me should I want to refer it. But it would only be loaned to me max for half a day.

She would cook for me and Sanjan when Mum was not around. Slowly that too stopped when Sanjan and I left home. The book would just make a rare appearance in my yearly visits home.

One day she gave me the book to keep forever after countless hints.


Ammama has begun to lose interest in food now. For past many years she only has bread and jam at night. So when I make jams I reserve a bottle for her which will duly reach India regularly.

Her hearing has also dwindled. When I call now , she doesn't hear what I say anymore.

So that is the connection Ammama and I have - Jams


Presenting Strawberry jam and Ammama's Fifty+ year old Recipe book




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