Prawns Masala Fry, Fort Kochi and Visits

May 16, 2017


I love Fort Kochi... ---although 20 km away from Mainland Kochi, it is truly an enchanting world. The aroma of the sea breeze, the quaint cafes, the awesome cuisine ,the beautiful shady trees...I just wish to be there now. If you cant go to Goa, to experience the Portuguese culture and tease your taste buds with the fresh juicy sea fare, your next best choice is Fort Kochi. When I think of King prawns, the first taste that fills my mind is the little shacks by the beach which has a hand written board "You buy, we cook". The best of the best there is the Masala fried prawns-  hot,sour ,salty and just juicy" ...yum. 


A taste that still lingers..although I relished it more than a decade ago....I tried to replicate...but was unsuccessful every time until a month ago....... Everywhere I had, it was terrible..a flavourless black piece of rubber.... At one stage the word Prawns filled me with disdain.


When I was still a child in my parents home, Sanjan and I were not exactly social butterflies. Mum gave us dinner early and we disappeared into our room before the visitors arrived. How we detested visitors those days..


Upon relocating to Australia, my thought process began to shape. It was really me and Chettan and an occasional visit from Sanjan and my parents. Our guest room was practically unused. Seeing people here becomes a rare sight.



After we moved in to our present home, Chettan's uncle Babu Ammavan decided to call upon us with his wife Lathika Ammai and children Nigin, Sweety and Avani. We started our preparations weeks in advance. Chettan's family actually lives for good food...most discussions are about food food and food.



Ammavan like us is always ready to travel any number of miles for good food...I am not exaggerating...When I married Chettan , the topics we discussed 95% of the time were about food. Most of the places we had already visited except one....Karimbinkala in Kottayam district, on Changanassery route..The way chettan used to describe the Masala lobsters, Karimeen Pollichathu and the kuttanaadan duck roast ,my mouth used to water....and it was in my bucket list...


In every visit to India, I wanted to visit Karimbinkala. Late 2010,  whilst visiting Nigin's housein Edappally, the topic sprang up. Ammavan 's eyes lit up and he expressed interest to go along with us. Chettan agreed to take us. So from Trissur  we started at 8:00am, drove to Edappally 60 km away, picked up Ammavan and proceeded to Kottayam 80 km away to have seafood. Most people who heard thought we were off our heads..lols


As Chettan's family was the first official visitors, I wanted to cook every dish under the sun. From the moment they arrived, there was actual life in the house. As usual we wanted to do something crazy and Mother Nature paved way for it.

Sydney hosts some exceptional natural beauty and we wanted to thrill our guests. So after lunch , we packed the whole team of 10 into 2 cars and we drove 125 km to Blue mountains . At the top of the mountains, Chettan and I set up our camp stove and made Masala Tea for all...and guess what after the tea an hour later, we descended the mountains... we actally drove 250 km to make tea...




On the day of departure from our home, Ammavan announced that he and Ammayi wanted to cook King prawns and out came the dish which was the exact replica of what I had in Fort Kochi  17 years ago....It was really like I found a long lost mate ....truly ecstatic...



Something I learnt down the lane was , the things we take for granted are not always going to be the same forever...Enjoy it when it is in your hand...Do something crazy whenever you can...It is always those moments that become the beautiful memories tomorrow...Have people over whenever you can..Share food over a table...Everlasting bonds are made for life by this simple act...


Presenting Kerala Masala Prawns intertwined with tastes of Fort Kochi



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