Soul comforting curd rice

May 3, 2017

When I think of curd rice, the flavors that flood my mind is pure, simple, unassuming , yet kind to the gut and soul.



At this moment for me curd rice equals to my dearest aunt Geechi who was my second mother.


Marriage is a bitter sweet affair. Most often , we hear the stories of brides who left home taking with them a heavy heart and loads of beautiful memories of their home, not the other side.


As a clingy child, I hung onto mum not even leaving her for a second. I am pretty sure she was completely exhausted succumbing to all my emotional demands. When Sanjan was born, Achan and Geechi returned home after their post graduate medical studies.



There was an unsaid attraction between Gee and me. Gee named me "Chandni". She took me over and mum was free to care for Baby Sanjan.

Gee became my mother. We slept together, ate together, went out together, did music lessons together.


Feb 6 1988 was date Achacha decided to get Gee married. Her marriage preparations were the happiest in my life. She made sure I was the most important part in her marriage. As her husband's house was in Shimoga, 15 hours away from our house, they came home after the wedding. Two days later , Ammama and I went along with newly married Gee for her reception in Shimoga.



It was then I understood, during departure time from her house , she was not coming. The 6 year old me found it too hard to accept. We hugged tight and cried together. There was quite a commotion to separate us


Afterwards going to her room was painful. Her smell lingered around, our toys, the empty bed...The separation impact was hardest to accept.

She used to come home once in 2-3 times a year. The days she was there was the happiest in my life. The night she was leaving..was when I had throat pains....

Initially people thought I was really ill, later on noticing the pattern they came to terms- Separation anxiety.


Gee was a vegetarian, allergic to onions, garlic and a whole lot of other things you couldn't think of. But the food she cooked was simple but really delightful.

Presenting the soul comforting dish of my Kitchen- Curd Rice.



Food Styling Advice and Inspiration: Vijayasree Sankaran
Most Memorable taste: Ananthi's Mum


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