Autumn Road trips and challenging days

May 21, 2017




I adore the colours orange and red. Orange has calm and mood lifting capabilities and this is exactly the season Fall is about.



In my previous blog posts , I have shared my aversions for road trips with you.


We humans are incredible at the time of catastrophies and distress. Most of the time, our true potential shines then...


The past week was a self discovery week. Chettan had work commitments and had to go away to a rural town in NSW, 500 km away from our house. This was the first time after Chingu vava was born.


Weeks before itself I started exhibiting Chettan-Withdrawal symptoms- moodiness, sadness and anxiety of being home alone with kiddos.... It was easier to have a lion in the house than me. I checked airtickets to see whther it was possible to accompany chettan. It so happened a return airfar to Vitenam was cheaper for the three of us.


Sunday: We dropped off Chettan at the airport.

Monday:  I became unbelievably ill. I became confined to bed and kiddos didnt go to school. We survived on a two week old rasam and rice.

Tuesday: Went to work, but came back due to extreme lethargy. Late in the night Jowins Chettan and Selma appeared at our front door with Kanji and curries. Believe me, it was the most delicious food in the world.

Wed: Kiddos went. Neighbour Madhuri came in with steaming puffs and curries.

Thursday: Was back to 80% normal and survived on Selmas Kanji.


Friday: Took the car our and started on the 490 km trip to Bega, rural NSW. 

This trip was an eyeopening trip to me. Most of the road trips I did, I was always sleeping , completely unaware of the surroundings. 

This time was different. I couldn't sleep and had two little people completely trusting me. Although I was in my wits end, I decided that I will make the best of the trip. We stopped in the middle of nowhere, took pics and decided to take things slowly. 



Prior to this road trip, my aim was to reach destination fast and remain safe.This time we decided to make a change ..enjoy the journey, take pictures of life's best moments, stretch and deeply enjoy and embrace Mother nature.


This crazy car trip made me realise, the lesser the choice we have in front of us, the more likely we accomplish things we never thought we could do in our dreams!!!


We always have a choice- either jump in and do it or brood about what we could not.


Never compare your life accomplishments with others. One of the reason is that your energy level and enduring capacity is far different from others.


Be kind when you can. It will always return !!!


At the time of distress and calamities, when you feel you are lost ,if a tiny voice in you says you can do it, you will do it...Trust me.



People sometimes can come across as aloof and mean--it is not because they are like that...they have events that make them like that..


When you have your days, explaining that to your loved ones can lighten up tough moments...


Presenting a novice attempt to capture Nature's  gifts





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