Going green with Thai Green curry

June 1, 2017

I love Thai green curries. It encompasses a complex flavour which is a balance of sweet, sour, salty and spice.


 If something entices my palette, my quest is to reproduce it in my culinary laboratory. In my younger days, I found the joy of shopping around of the key ingredients to the recreate Thailand's favourite curry. Each time I cooked it, my love for the homemade version vanished  mainly because a lot of the ingredients were preserved , frozen or substituted.


 I have only ventured 2-3 times after which my laziness conquered me. I just satisfied myself by going to the local takeaways.


Upon having my son, weekly outings for him were at the farmer's market. Chingy had his own friends there. I wanted my baby to see the world from the an uncomplicated level . He was always happy to get a free banana from the Italian farmers whilst I shopped for fresh produces, taste the Gozlemes and I was in seventh heaven actually able to procure rare herbs and plants for our little backyard.


It so happened my Chettan had a nice little harvest of Kaffir limes, aubergines, chillies, basil and lemongrass this week.

It had to be a Thai green curry this week with our little backyard's gifts and a cake.


Presenting a Thai green curry with our backyard harvests (Kaffir lime, basil, aubergines, lemongrass, birds eye chillies and galangal) and a Vegetarian Kaffir lime cake with zesty icing




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