Nurturing fruit trees

July 19, 2017

Dear Mol

 Imagine you and your bestie decided to plant fruit trees in your respective gardens…..


Fruit trees require a lot of care and attention from the day you sow the seedling. You have to feed it with a lot of water and manure, protect it from the gusty winds, harsh sunshine and annoying pests….You have to give it time to bear the fruit…

Mol each tree is different. You and your friend may have planted the tree the same day..However the love and the care you put in, determines the outcome—the fruit…

At this moment, mummy would like to remind you  that in the end of the day, nature decides when your tree bears fruit….Like each tree, each of our lives and relations are unique..


Mol, as a life student, this is what I wish to tell you..

  1. For every relation to bloom, the love and the nurturance you invest in will reflect your output namely trust and love.

  2. In a beautiful relation like marriage, nature will often bring in people who are contrary to each other.

  3. This is because, as she presents challenges to you, one of you will have the ability to recognise the problem and the other the ability to solve it. Resolve it together.

  4. Everyone is blessed with perfections and imperfections. Your perfections will be the strength of the relation and your imperfections will be compensated by the other. In fact sometimes it will be the imperfections that save the day!!!

  5. Nature does not put everything in a picture perfect format. But instead will you an opportunity to discover you and your better half.

  6. The meaning of love changes with time. In the beginning of every relation, love is dates and sweet words. Down the lane, it would mean kind words on your bad days and picking you up. In the end, it is sheer companionship.

  7. Nature is funny, but fair. She will hand you out good days and bad days such that one of you would will have it easy and other challenging. When you feel all the door are shutting on your face, the one opening the tiny window might be your loved one.

  8. To reap this, you have to reach a certain level of closeness and have an easy communication.

  9. Your fruit tree will encounter unexpected pests and weather. Likewise you will encounter people and events to test the strength of your trust and love. Expect it


As one of my professor put it “ in the scientific world, there are two groups of people – the physicist and the chemists. We often wonder how and why certain things takes place. The physics reason why things work that way and chemist know how the things work…If only they talked to each other…”


Mol isn’t it the same in every relation…If only we talked to each other….

Think about it….






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