Nepal visits, fussy eaters and Pizzas

July 20, 2017

Pizzas to me and Sanjan 25 years ago were not the exotic ones from Pizza hut or Dominoes ...But the one from the Place to Be- Hot breads from Warriam road, Ernakulam. Pizza to us was not Pepperoni or Hawaiian..but the  Chilly chicken Pizza or Chicken pizza that set our mouths drooling...



Being mothers now, we often hear our dear and near complaining that their child is a fussy eater...One day it got be me thinking and a whole lot of memories flooded me..


It was summer of 1994. Sanjan and I were in our school holidays. Sanjan was in year 1 and me in year 6. We prided ourselves as experts in global cuisine. Experts in the sense..Chinese was Fried rice and Chilly chicken, Pizza was the Pizzas from Hotbreads and North Indian was Nan and Butter chicken.


My Aunty Gee was working in Nepal that year. So we decided to visit her. Sanjan and I only accepted the aforementioned dishes...I remember Gee wanted us to try the Nepali Special- Momos. We instantly rejected it. Only Amma bravely tried it and enjoyed it.. After continuously stuffing with Chinese and North Indian food for days together, we began to get quite fed up, but fussy to try new foods.




On the last day of the trip, in Kathmandu we decided to go sightseeing in an Autorikshaw. While the auto was zooming though the streets,Sanjan suddenly had the biggest grin on her face. She excitedly said " Look da ..what do you see??" and What did we see??

"Hot breads!!!!"

She said " Da..chilly chicken pizza, kiittoda"(Will we get chilly chicken Pizza)


We begged Amma and got the Auto to reverse to Hotbreads...We rushed there to see whether our catch was there..and there it was...Chicken pizza..We coaxed Amma to buy us although we had lunch half hour ago...


And so the Pizza was duly packed, checked though the Immigration and it came with us to Kolkata airport...


So that night , despite the beautiful chaats and delicacies Kolkata it had to offer, we devoured our Hot breads Pizza...


Such was the love and devotion and such was the fuss we had...lols


Presenting Hotbreads Style chicken pizzas commemorating our Nepal Trip and craziness..



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